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Racing dogs from other Countries!


          Mats el Kahal

(Airbus des Enfants de l'Autan x Gasby van't Katermeer)
breeder & owner: Josiane Leloup / Belgium
FCI-WM 1992 (World Racing Champion 1992)
UICL-RSg. 1989 (UICL Racing Champion 1989)
Bg-RCh. 1990 & 1991 (Racing Champion 1990 & 1991


Galeforce Tilt O'Whirl ORC

Catherine O'Brian     British Columbia

   Ringdove Black Adder X Ringdove Black Tuxedo
                     SRCH, ORC                                              SRCH, ORC, FCh.

                                                                            Canadian bred, but lives in the USA.

    Devonair's Lieutenant Worf
    RChX, (CARA) Can. FCh, CR



         Maeva Starlight              Lady Ludivine de Charance

Piratsking El Kahal  X Gipsy  Born January 2, 1996.               Gipsy King X Dona Esmeralda de Charance
         French Federation Champion 97 and                                                         Born October 5, 1995.
     French racing champion.   (both racing titles)     French Federation Champion 1998. (racing)

       Pirate El Kahal          Leo de Hurlevent de Charance
        Mickey Mouse X  Nairbus El Kahal                                          Ho Vent d'Autan des Sables sous leVent
                Male born 26, May 1991                                                                                      X
  French Federation Racing Champion 1993,                                         Dona Esperanza de Chanrance
    French racing Ch.  and Italian racing Ch.                           Male born 2 June 1995 - French racing Champion

Dark Flash Just Arrived      Airbus des Enfants de l'Autan
            Ch. G'Parbrise of Derby Star                                        French Racing Champion and Grand sire
                                    X                                                                   to John Henery..
  Fast Saiga de Pic-Ardent------Male born Jan. 94
      French Federation Champion 1997 (racing)

Translation for photo below:
Trackman de Grillemont was the "cracker" (or best of best) from Mr. and Mrs.
Claude Sinno.   An exceptional champion with an very remarkable career with some track
records.       EUROPEAN CHAMPION  1985   in Suisland

Translation for photo below:
Outlaw du Tepee d'Amour From Mrs. Chantal Siino   Son of D'Eel River du Tepee d'Amour and Hors la Loi.   Finalist of the Friendship races in Mont du Marsan 2000  Excellent performer and totaliser.



  Calandria vom Badenermoor   x x x x Descampado vom Badenermoor
            Allegretto's Allegr                                                 Tancreve of Gasfirst
                     x                                                                 x
       Ivanjica vom rauhen Meer                                     Calandria vom Badenermoor
breeder/owner: Silvia & Wolgang Belau             breeder/owner: Silvia & Wolfgang Belau
                  racing titles:                                                               racing title:
Deutscher Rennchampion (German Racing Ch)                        Bundesrennsieger 2001
Int. Derby Sg. (International Derby Winner 1996)
WCD-ClubrennSg. (WCD Clubraceng winner 97/98)
BundesrennSg. (Bundesrennsiegerin 1998)

      Donatello vom Badenermoor                Sturmwinds Rapid Ger. RCh.
            Tancreve of Gasfirst                                                 DOB:   5-28-1972
      Calandria vom Badenermoor
breeder/owner: Silvia & Wolfgang Belau
                      racing title:
WCD-ClubrennSg.(WCD Clubrace winner 00/01)


   Tancreve of Gasfirst

(Mats el Kahal x Rebelle el Kahal)
breeder: Andr Bouton / Belgium
owner: Hardy / Hungary
                     racing titles:
FCI-EM  (European Racing Ch. 1998 & 1999)
FCI-WM (World Racing Ch. 1999)
Int. Ung. Meister
(inter nation Hungary Racing Ch. 1998 & 1999)

     New Zealand

NZ Ch.  Shenkhan Hezallusive

New Zealand Race Champion
(One of only 5 dual titled Whippets in New Zealand)

 Shenkhan Denim N Domes

NZ Race Champion  owned by Merle Powley

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