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This page is for any other type of title that can be earned by our wonderful Whippets..   Or just a proud owner who would like to share with others their special fur friend...

If you would like to have your special friend on this page, please only one photo of your friend, preferably in a posed or stacked position.
Dog's name, owners name, state, or country..  JPG or GIF format for sending......



L'Entente Cordiale Xtraxian

Luxembourg Show Champion and Belgian Coursing Champion 2001.
Born on January 17th 1998   by, Lux, French, VDH, International CH. Lord Lionheart d'Harcourt  U'Mariette.   Owned by:  Marc Gemis & Tinne Van Hooydonck

Renko di Mahana

Belgian Coursing Champion 1996
born on March 9th 1993,  by Int. CH. French King du
Manoir de la Grenouillère out of Oxigène di Mahana.
Owned by:  Marc Gemis & Tinne Van Hooydonck


Lepus Rose Madder  RChS.                  Clearhounds Heathcliff
 AM/CAN FCh. NJC, ADC, AD                 CGC, MADC, AAD, JM, OAC, OJC, NGC
    Both dog's proudly owned and handled by Louise Hoelscher Quebec Canada.

        Devonair's Xena Warrior
          Can FChX, Am. FCh.
     Owner:   Heather Jean Dansereau

     Clearhounds Electra Blue                            Clearhounds Hunter
           FCHX, AmFCH                                          Can. Am. FCh

owners:   Shannon &  Lynn Cleary, Ontario Canada


Jessica dog Little Girl

Hemy Boy du Manoir de la Grenouillère X Education Sentimentale du Merle Blanc
Female born 29 August 1994----- French Coursing Champion


Owned by Monique Rioux  France

My knight du manoir de la grenouillère

Born in 1996,    owner Laurent Hosan
(note: I'm not to clear if this dog has any titles, but the owner was kind enough to send me this photo for inclusion on the pages.  If anybody knows any more about this dog please fill me in and I will move to the appropriate page.  Thank you!)


Django vom Badenermoor: (04.02.1998)

Tancreve of Gasfirst x Calandria vom Badenermoor
breeders: Silvia & Wolfgang Belau
owner: Dunja Baensch
Currently working on both show and racing championship titles..


        FC Queenie's Tidal Wave                      Wildfire's Summer Snowblaze
           FCh, CRXIII, ARX, SC                                       NA, NAJ
              Kathy Feldman   USA                              Marcia Whitney  New Mexico, USA

xSportingfields Lady Warburton  SC,  FCh, TRP        xxx     x      John Henry FCh.
xxxxxPatience Renzulli  Maryland, USA                     Don and Sally Papin  California

    WRs Crystal Summer Energy
      Am/Can FCh. CC, CM, ROMX                      Adagio Amaranth, SC, F.Ch
                                                                                    Jill Baum & LaRee Johnson

      Windyglens Spuds McKinsey
                xFch, CC, CM

           Don Papin  CA, USA

   FC Alchemy Allysun Appaws, FCh, S.C.             Shannon Down Talkn To The Moon FCH
       Owner           Genny Holland                              Shannon L. Lyons   Charlotte,  NC


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