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Fall of 1970

Marysville Ohio

See below for dogs & owners names...

1.    Scram Whisper ARM                         Harlan Klintworth
2.    Renfield Lady O'Lazebrook ARM    Bud Gutilla
3.    name unknown                                  Jerry Emrich
4.    Uruhu's Karma ARM                           Donna Bangs
5.    Scram I'm Fourst ARM                        Selwyn Blackstone
6.    Riverdale's Charmain                       Pam Purvis
7.        unknown                                              unknown
8.        unknown                                          Day Bockman
9.    Can. Ch. Emberson of Course ARM    Paul Frazer
10.  Marial's Chancellor                           Doug Arthur
11.  Marial's Jelly Bean                            Doug Arthur
12.  Blue Dawn                                            Donna Helton


Illinois Late 60's
An NPR being held in conjunction with the AWC Supported show at the Champaign K.C. Late June in the late 60's.  The track went uphill from the box for about 50 yds. then down hill for about 100 yds. then transitioned rather suddenly to uphill for the last 50 yds or so.  It was used to exercise horses on also.  Not the best track I ever used.  (Gregg Gammie)