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A long time ago in a land long forgotten, there was another type of Whippet.   We no longer see them, as their unique coat has disappeared from our pedigrees..  Are there any of you out there old enough to remember these different Whippets??
Do you have any photos?       Are you willing to share??

How many of you knew that there was a wire coated Whippet?

These dogs are from
Germany around the mid 1920's



Other things named Whippet!

   Lookie here!!! 
How about a car named Whippet??

Whippet Sewing Machine

Circa 1930's

Whippet Hat


W.W.I Whippet Tank

Yep they made a Whippet Tank in W.W.I.  It was fast and lightly armored.  Used by the U.S. & Brits, maybe France too.
This is a post card with a 1920 postmark on it.

Whippet Cream Whip


Circa 1920/1930's or there abouts!!!


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