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          US Titled Race dogs

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The old Timers!!

           Van Oorschot's Toro      cccxxxxxxCh. Pinetop's Opening Knight,
             ARM, ROMX    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxARM, ROM

        Epinard Shelby of Wyndsor   xxxx          Ch. Whirlaway's Apache
            CD,ARM, PCC, FCH         xxx             ARM, CD, PCC

                                                                  DOB 3-24-68

      Ringdove Quasar, SRCh, JCxxxxxMiklby Of Wyndsor SORCll, RCH
                DOB 4/13/87                         DOB  12/25/87  Owner Jean Balint

  Scram Whisper ARM about 1970xxxxxxxxxxUruhu's Karma, ARM w.1968

Janies Jon Boy De Toro ARM, ORC, FCh.xxCh. Epinard Canyon Creek Sage ARM PCC

    Here's a couple of old pictures I have..  I don't know who these dogs are or if they have any racing titles, but just thought I would throw them in as they are very old style Whippets..

                                                           Zip  (circa 1885)
     CH Manorley May                     Anybody have any info on this dog??
whelped 1899 --owned by Fred Bottomley
17" tall and 19 pounds chosen as the ideal
whippet in Compton's 20th  Century
Dogs 1904.        resource credit:
"Gazehounds: The Search For Truth"
Constance Miller author.

My how our breed has changed!!!!

Click here for more history and old racing pictures.

I would like to "Thank" Gregg Gammie for the wonderful old photos on these pages..

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